From online Flash animation to entirely computer generated product displays or instructional videos (as illustrated here) are part of the service at onefiveone.

In the example above, I was asked to produce the video to give a quick insight into how this particular exhibition stand system is constructed and which types of components used. It would be posted on various websites and mainly aimed at the system’s distributors, both nationally and internationally.

The finished video was produced using a variety of software including; Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Maxon’s Cinema 4D and Adobe’s After Effects compositing program. Photographs were taken from the various parts and extrusions and used as templates to draw up vector sections and profiles. Once the basic shapes were accurate and ready for export, modelling began within the 3D modelling program Cinema 4D. The models coupled with newly created 3D textures and material setups, made up the ‘static’ exhibition stand.

Before any animation and rendering took place, I produced a quick ‘mock’ design for the graphic drops (rather than just illustrating a plain stand). Then a lengthly discussion regarding the way the stand would be built (in reality) was had with the client. The importance of making sure that every component and the order it would be assembled, was absolutely vital, as potentially a new user could utilise this overview video to construct their own stand on site via a mobile or tablet device.