honeywell 3d CGI visualisation 1

honeywell 3d CGI visualisation 2

honeywell 3d CGI visualisation 3

Why CGI for prototypes or pre-production concepts?

By creating a near life-like image of your next great concept or product, you can potentially save many hundreds or even thousands of pounds on expensive setup and tooling costs. ¬†Before you get to the stage of testing the ‘feel’ and user experience of the product, you may just need to convince distributors and buyers that you have the next big ‘look’ for your product. It is far more cost-effective to work up several visual concepts in this way. 3D modelling and rendering to this standard will leave your potential investors asking, “…….why didn’t you bring one along?

Why not have a video of your product?

This service is not only restricted to still rendered images, once the product is modelled a camera setup can be used to rotate around the concept and moving parts, lights or even instructional messages can be animated to create a final ‘product video’. You can simply upload the file to your video blog or host and client’s all over the world can physically see you dazzling new product. Almost in the flesh!

3D Animation and Video