A freelance graphic design service aimed at organisations requiring cost effective, yet prompt artwork and design solutions for print and the web. From leaflets, brochures and posters through to packaging and exhibition stands. An umbrella solution for your next marketing push.

Does a freelance graphic design service suit everyone?

Simply put, in most situations it will.  The client receives a near-identical design service as they would from a large design studio or agency, but at a heavily reduced rate. Additionally, the communication pathway is uninterrupted – the client never has to communicate through an account handler during the project and therefore any potential mis-interpretation of the design brief is kept to an absolute minimum, if indeed at all.

This is not to say that design agencies and studio don’t have their place, of course they do. There are many fantastic and immensely experienced companies where high-budget graphic design and communication projects are best placed. There they will receive the added benefits of large-scale logistic capabilities and multi-person teams delivering the client’s concepts and vision.

 What is your graphic design budget spent on?


From sketched design concept through to the delivered job

Graphic design at onefiveone covers many creative disciplines. Besides general graphic design and page layout services, other niche skills like illustration, photography and advanced image retouching and manipulation are all available. All to often the client will say “oh wow, you can do that too?”. A selection of those services together with additional supporting skills are listed below.

  • Page layout
  • Digital Illustration
  • Advanced Photo editing / Image editing
  • Life-like Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) – suited to product concepts and early-release promotions
  • Packaging design and production
  • Artwork services
  • Animation and 3D rendering/compositing
  • Fully managed high quality print services – unrivalled on cost!

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Individuals, companies, agencies and studios – who benefits?

All of the above. I’m currently working with clients in all of these scenarios and delivering high quality, competitive services to each. The smaller businesses get an affordable design solution, while the larger and in some cases, other design studios, get the same high quality work their own studio produce, just without the constant wage bill that accompanies in-house staff. Example companies using onefiveone graphic design and artwork services:

  • A design agency or studio requiring overflow support services for their in-house facilities – no need to pay wages when the work volume isn’t there
  • A manufacturing business needing a product brochure
  • An importer requiring a full-service creative solution to promote quickly changing product lines and services
  • Independent retailers needing one-off graphic design services for flyers, leaflets, posters and signage.

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