Onefiveone work closely with dedicated packaging manufacturers and printers within Hertfordshire to enable the client to receive a rapid response from concept to the shelf. All the client has to do is hand over their product and the rest will be taken care of. Fuliment is also an option.

Design for packaging and packaging development is a competitive affair in modern marketing. Above the critical requirement of holding and supporting the product properly, the design must sit well within the other brands but also stand tall when the consumer is browsing the shelf or merchandiser.

bedbug buster packaging design-1

bedbug buster packaging design-2

bedbug buster packaging design-4

This product was an anti-bacterial spray used for the prevention of dust mites. The spray bottle was relatively heavy (near 500g) so the packaging had to be engineered to easily withstand this weight when transported and handled. I immediately recognised the issues and suggested the use of a self-locking crash base where the flat packed cartons are simply be squeezed together to form a non-opening bottom.

Getting your products into store

Again, working with specialists in this arena, onefiveone can offer complete design, manufacture and delivery of in-store merchandisers for your packaged product. Including fulfilment. This one-stop solution will also save you considerable costs compared with sourcing it yourself direct from the engineers.

Corrugated FSDU and merchandisers

Below illustrates the development stages of a FSDU/merchandiser designed to house small boxes of medical socks stocked by independent pharmacists throughout the UK. Acrylic versions are also an offered service.

fsdu merchandisers